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Why do we charge a 2.6% service fee?

in.cube8r gallery runs using a unique business model which guarantees artists 100% of their sales. For this reason, we list the prices that the artist receives for their creation as the purchase price on the item.

However, there are costs involved in selling online, the main one being the 2.6% (plus 30c) paid to PAYPAL for each transaction. The fees fee charged and listed as "taxes" at the checkout is a 2.6% charge to cover these fees so that we don't have to recover them from the artists.

Good thing is, as the majority of our artists do not charge GST you don't have to pay any either! So really you are saving 10% by supporting local small businesses and buying through our in.cube8r. Good job buddy!

If any of this concerns you, please contact us, we are very happy to discuss it with you (and can arrange for you to pay by direct deposit and not encounter the fee if necessary).