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About Us

welcome to in.cube8r,
the one-stop-shop for all things handmade.

100% handmade with love | 100% commission free!

in.cube8r gallery is a handmade institution. Running since 2007, we have homed hundreds of Australia's best crafters in our Fitzroy gallery & throughout our franchises in Sydney, Brisbane & Geelong. 

What we offer is special. We created a community of artists, working together to promote each-other within a very special & very pink space.

We believe that artists should keep 100% of their sales and not be charged hefty commissions on their work. Thats why we run off a rental model (which we were the first in Australia to do on this scale) where artists can rent a cube, shelf, clothing rack, wall or online space which they can call their own and keep 100%. Its just like renting a market stall, but without the hassle of having to man it! 

What we offer our participants is their own mini-store within a store where they can decorate, price and curate to their hearts desire. in.cube8r online gives artists who don't have the time, skill or interest in running their own online store to move into the digital space. 

With a change of ownership in February 2015, opening a new exhibition & pop-up space in April 2016 and the launch of our online-store in June 2016, we are now pushing into the digital space to help our participants reach even further.

Please support our talented artists by visiting us when you have the urge for some online splurging or gift-shopping. We promise that we will continue to work to bring you more and more unique creations as the days and months continue! Hell, we will even wrap them for you and help you find the perfect card!